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Barbara Jones

Artist’s Statement:

My art is concerned with organic structure and an investigation into the forces behind the processes of nature. This involves looking at biological forms and cell images, as well as observing natural phenomena. My work is a celebration of the natural, imperfect quality of life and an investigation into the paradox between the delicacy of life forms and their inherent strength. I am interested in the link between art and science and believe that artists can help to re-invest scientific curiosity with a sense of wonder.

My working methods are diverse and include printmaking, photography, installation and three dimensional work constructed from hand-made paper. The delicacy of this material helps to convey ideas of fragility and impermanence and reflects life’s imperfections.

I staged a performance/event at St. Luke’s Church, Liverpool in October 2003 when 1,000 decorated origami peace cranes were thrown from the tower for the audience to collect. These cranes were made by myself and members of the public and carried images of diseases associated with the recent war in Iraq, namely Smallpox, Anthrax, Cholera and Typhoid. I am currently engaged in a project which involves me making as many origami peace cranes as I can in a 24 hour period.


Phone: 07763 193 809

2 Peace Cranes
Light from Ice