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Claire Chambers


My recent work has mainly evolved around the concept of photographing or documenting not what I can see, but what I can't, developing a technique with the camera to pick up moments which bypass us, but because of the nature of the photographic process the camera is able to pick up and record for me. Working in this way can be very frustrating at times, because often (particularily working on 35mm) you are completely oblivious as to what you will get; I've had countless rolls of film come back completely over exposed and ruined, but I guess it makes it all the sweeter when you get an image that is perfect and completely unexpected.

Qualifications and Training:

2003-2006 - BA (Hons) Graphic Fine Art - University of East London, 4-6 University Way, London.
2001-2003 - HND Art & Design - Liverpool Community College, Myrtle Street, Liverpool.
2000-2001 - BTEC National Diploma in Foundation Art & Design - Liverpool Community College, Myrtle Street, Liverpool.

Selected Group Exhibitions

2006 - GFA Graduate Exhibition - UEL AVA Gallery, London.
2006 - 'Interim' - UEL AVA Gallery, London.
2005 - End of Year Show - UEL AVA Gallery, London.
2005 - 'Debut' - UEL AVA Gallery, London.
2004 - '10 x 10' - Eggspace, Liverpool.
2003 - 'Splash X' - Eggspace, Liverpool.




Painting With Light/Emma #R2F22
Inner Daemons #4, 2006
Inner Daemons #2, 2006