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Eimear Kavanagh

Artists Statement

Having a hunger for new cultural experiences, travel becomes a crucial part of my creative thinking & visualization as an Artist. I am excited by leaving behind the familiar & discovering people & places through new eyes.

Emotional and spiritual forces intertwine and weave throughout my works, influenced by entanglement with India. Such travels spark a deep meaning and new experience in life, observing haphazard street life & human interactions. Echoes of these moments can be seen in my subsequent paintings which draw upon traditional indigenous Indian themes such as textile design, mirror work & intricate multiple dot patterns.

My work often involves applying several layers of paper & paints - many of the papers, jewels and specialist powders used in collage have been collected at the source of India's heart. Found objects from travels and ethnic fabrics found in second hand shops also feature in my work. Often a small piece of material can set the inspiration for the entire canvas, where I can interpret and give the painting a new life. When selecting which type of medium to use, the intuitive mind seems to take over. I am given an opportunity to 'play' whilst making my experiences & memories more tangible.

Wind cannot shake a mountain
Neither praise nor blame moves the wise man
He is clarity, Hearing the truth
He is like a lake, Pure and tranquil and deep






Gypsy Weave Lotus