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Jon Nash


My work is varied. I am compelled to create 'stuff'. My background is in painting and my foreground is in photography. Within my involvement in traditional photography to conceptual sculptures I try and let the artworks suggest themselves, refining them till I am satisfied.

The majority of my artworks have no overt narrative or meaning. I much prefer to hear the viewers interpretation. I find constant inspiration through nature and people, the ideas and images are my vehicles of communication.

"I have a terrible lucidity at moments when nature is so beautiful. I am not conscious of myself any more, and the pictures come to me as if in a dream. It is no more easy to make a good picture than it is to find a diamond or pearl. It means trouble, and you risk your life for it" (Van Gogh)

I graduated in Photography and Digital Imaging in July, 2006.

My current projects include 'The Smoking Show', a consumption based sculpture series; 'Driving', a photographic car journey exploring space and time; 'Cityscapes', a cinemascope series of abstracted cities combining art and photography.

I am currently seeking finance for 'The Smoking Show' and 'Driving'.

I have exhibiited at Wirksworth Arts Festival (2003-2006); Liverpool Community College (2005-2006 - four shows); Ikonography Gallery 'Cut And Paste' (2006).



Cityscape in Red
Pentagon Factory
Nylon Cityscape