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Karen Jones


Karen Jones lives in the attic of an old Victorian house in the North West of England. Originally her main creative outlet was poetry and writing, until she came across fractal art and quickly found a connection with it,and the images she can produce, that seemed to be a more natural way of expressing her life philosophy and experiences.

Her digital images are created using a fractal generating programme, but in her unique way Karen produces powerful and unique images expressing themes varying from sensuality and oppression to philosophy. She often writes poetry, short stories or prose to accompany her work.

Karen studied media studies at her local college ( where one L.S. Lowry was once a pupil and a teacher) and her work is currently under review for exhibiton for several places icluding Oldham Art gallery and the Green Room in Manchester.

Her work sells internationally and some of her work is now being licensed for use on cd and book covers. "The Dying Art of Conversation" is currently the fly jacket image on an American novel about deaf children.




Beach Spiral Beach Spiral
Refuse to bow down (primal scream) Refuse to bow down (primal scream)
Sunshine on a rainy day Sunshine on a rainy day