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Katriona Beales

Artist Statement:

I am a mixed media visual artist interested in the dialogue created by the space in between disciplines. Much of my work is concerned with social commentary and with pattern, repetition and anomaly. Based in Liverpool, UK since 2001, I have just been accepted to join the Bluecoat Gallery and Studios, as one of the in-house artists upon it’s re-opening in January 2008.

Forthcoming Exhibitions:

Secrets project with Boomerang exhibition in Cork in Dec 07 and Amman, Jordan in May 08.
Site specific painting at Mando Office - Liverpool Science Park Spring 2008.

Group Exhibitions:

Wunderkammer at the Bluecoat Display Centre July to Aug 2007.
Demolition at SITE, Albert Dock, Liverpool June to July 2007.
Truckstop Festival run by Metal at Edge Hill Station - participatory piece starting a social archive looking at personal histories of migration. June 2007.
Royal Standard Christmas Exhibition Dec 2006.
‘Brinkmanship’ as part of the Liverpool Independents Biennial 2006, in an Art Organisation space, No 11 Wolstenholme Square. October 2006 (Selected).
‘My haven’t you grown’ at the Royal Standard, Toxteth, Liverpool. August - Sept 2006 (Selected).
Paperworks, Bury Art Gallery, Museums and Archives April to July 2006 (Selected).
‘Space Limited’, a group exhibition in cooperation with ‘The Art Organisation’, 52 Roscoe Street, Liverpool, Oct 2005.
Graduate exhibition, Urban Coffee, Smithdown Road, Liverpool, August 2005.
Fine Art Degree Exhibition June 2005, Myrtle St, Liverpool School of Art, John Moores University.
Art Auction, Egg Café, Liverpool City Centre, February 2005.
‘Small Matters’, Hope St Gallery, Liverpool School of Art, John Moores University, March 2004.
The Art Organisation, Rodney St Old Youth Centre, as part of the Independents, Liverpool Biennial 2004.
‘Artists Anonymous’ Myrtle Street Gallery, Liverpool School of Art, John Moores University, December 2003.
‘Shavout Art Exhibition’, Christchurch Jaffa Gate, Old City, Jerusalem, Easter 2000 (Selected).

Solo Exhibition:

Blackburne House, Hope St, Liverpool, April to end of May 2004.




Bare 3
Background Noise 2005
'Where..' 2004
'Daniel' 2007 exterior