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Lisa Ashcroft

Artist Profile:

I have been an exhibiting professional artist for over 10 years. I trained at Cardiff University and progressed to a Postgraduate in Fine Art at the Cyprus College of Art where I lectured in the history of art and went on to study a Fine Art fellowship in new york. Back in the UK I set myself up as a scenic interior designer and work both nationally and internationally in clus, bars and leisure outlets. I’m also a key member of the Lancashire based art agency: North West Design Collective, which comprises of 25 craftspeople and professional artists.

My work is fun, humorous, vivid, funky and rooted in Pop Art. My influence is from travel and passion for life. Recent works are inspired by the glitz and kitsch of Blackpool. Paintings are beginning to nicorporate Neon’s, LED electrics, hand stitched sequins, glitter and paint. I see my work shifting to incorporate sculpture and installation.


Blackburn Art Gallery 13th November – 8th January 2005
Haworth Art Gallery, Accrington 6th December – 5th February 2005
Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport, 11th February – 9th March 2005
Pyramid Arts Centre, Warrington 28th March – 20th April 2005


Other Online Work:

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