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Lynn Ben-Yousef

Artist Profile:

I am a self-taught artist who after many years of producing figurative paintings began to experiment with both medium and technique. I attended various short courses to broaden my use of materials and then was introduced to printmaking. I found a new strength of creativity with this medium.
My work is based on land, environmental and spiritual issues in the landscape and my emotional response to landscape and the place of people in it. I am inspired by what I see around me and use natural materials and found objects in my work.
I am increasingly drawn to environmental issues and try to incorporate the ideas of how we are affecting the world around us into my work where possible.
For example, 'Red Hole' is an expression of the ozone layer - if it was red and emitting noise rather than being invisible and silent - showing the damage caused by our complacency to the silent threat most of us choose to ignore.
I enjoy both the sculptural (calligraphs) and mark-making qualities of printmaking. The process of it, although labour intensive, is in itself part of the emotional creativity of each piece.
My work includes calligraphs, etchings, monoprints, screen prints and drypoint etching - frequently with many processes layered upon one another. I very rarely print multiples of the images. The temptation to express each piece individually gives me more satisfaction, as my work is usually too spontaneous to replicate.