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Matthew O'Toole

Artist Profile:

I am a North West photographer based in Liverpool. I took my first photograph at the age of six when I borrowed my brother’s camera for the first time.

I also travelled extensively around Europe when I was younger which gave me a thirst for travel photography.

Photography has always been an important part of my life and I have been a keen amateur. However, in 2007 I quit my job to pursue photography as a professional.

My dream of becoming a travel photographer is partly based on a childhood ambition to visit the Everest region of Nepal and Tibet. The Ancient and the Holy have always enthralled me and when I was young I used to ask many questions about the Buddha, enlightenment amongst other things. At this young age I had the desire to visit Everest because I considered it holy and felt it had something to offer me – I still do.

My vision has now expanded and my intention is to travel extensively capturing images from around the globe. I intend to focus my attention on sites of cultural, spiritual and religious significance, taking images of the people, and the architecture in these specific locations, hopefully capturing the atmosphere generated by these places.

It will be a journey of personal discovery and adventure, something like a pilgrimage. The idea is that through travelling to these destinations and recording my experiences, I will be not only be keeping a record of my development as a photographer but also as an individual, reflecting my personal insight through my work.


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