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Mustapha Meskine

Artist Statement:

For me photography is to translate my visual memory and my emotions by capturing a moment of life and a place. I love photographing people to get in touch with them and understand human relations. I like to photograph things that symbolize our entourage. C'est la vie, it is alive.
A photographer's role is to put in trust and merge into the world in which it operates, feeling a good time, and trigger capture simple things through an emotion that is true that evokes in us something beautiful, cheerful and true.
The reportage photo together the portrait, landscape, documentation and research aesthetics. It explores an unknown world and sets an historic event.
In 1992, I decided to live my passion and my future project is to become a photographer because it allows me to shoot another life in the life and the ability to capture moments that are true in real life and imaginary life.
My vision chart of reality, in search of a refined image, the simple structure focuses on the essentials and is constantly changing the composition in my photographs whether objects, places, portrait or reportage.
These research aesthetic still remains closely tied to content and the message that I want to convey through the picture.


Experienced artist, journalist and professional photographer, my photographic career, marked by numerous participations in exhibitions, I was awarded several prizes at the national (three times in 2004, 2005, 2006) and international (2005 in Qatar, 2006 nomination as Amateur Photographer of the Year by the International Society of photographers USA, 2007 chosen as winner exhibition by NYIP New York USA, 2008 Foundation IDA price Amsterdam Holland).