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Archive News

Introduction To Multi-Media For Disabled People

Red Dot staged eight workshops, specifically aimed at disabled people, relating to different aspects of multi-media. The workshops covered the following subjects:-

Making a modern day photo album
Designing a poster
Video and animation
Printing a photograph or painting onto a T-shirt
Making a very short film
Mask making
Manipulation of a photograph
Making an audio and music mix/tape

The workshops were staged between Monday 6th September - Thursday 9th September and Monday 13th September - Thursday 16th September 2010 at the Liverpool Centre for Arts Development (LCAD).
Following the workshops an exhibition of a selection of the work created during the sessions was held. This ran from Monday 20th September to Friday 1st October.

Hong Xing by Fairhurst & FieldingExhibitions by Jane Fairhurst

Red Dot member Jane Fairhurst staged a solo show, titled 'Transition', at Gallery Oldham during the summer.
For over a century artists have used found objects and everyday items not normally considered as art, to inspire new transitions in their work. In this exhibition Jane exploits the availability of mass-produced children's toys to explore themes of current affairs, global politics and the environment.
Placing a new twist on the traditional children's toy, she uses brightly coloured toys to create mixed media sculptures. Darkly entertaining, the artworks play on different emotions, creating an exhibition that will be both humorous and sinister.
As well as the transition of items from real life to art, the exhibition title also refers to the development of Jane's move to collaborative practice with fellow artist, Tim Fielding. Fairhurst_Fielding won the West Lancashire Art Prize in 2009 with their mixed media city sculpture, 'Zing Xong'.
Transition ran from 24th July until 5th September 2010 at Gallery Oldham (based in the Cultural Quarter in Greaves Street).
Along with Tim Fielding, Jane then exhibited as part of the 'DIY Integrated City' during the 2010 Liverpool Arts Biennial.

Serjent in Unity 30th Anniversary Exhibition

Colin Serjent took part in a special exhibition at the Unity Theatre in Liverpool. To mark the 30th anniversary of being in their building on Hope Place (off Hope Street), all of the artists who have exhibited in the theatre complex over the past 20 years will show one piece of their artwork.

The exhibition ran from 7th September till 20th October 2010.

Focus On Recycling

Red Dot member Colin Serjent staged a photography exhibition depicting various recycling projects in Liverpool.

Examples of recycling he portrayed include the work of C.U.T.S (Communal Use Textile Studio), run by Beccy Williams, who stages workshops of sewing and screen-printing using recycled materials; Bulky Bob, which offer a household waste collection service to residents in Liverpool, which are then reconditioned and sold at reasonable costs; and Urban Strawberry Lunch, who create musical instruments from waste materials and found objects.

He depicted the role of Red Dot in promoting recycling, for example, showing images of the two Recycling Weeks they have staged in the city in 2008 and 2009, as well as the workshops, where the participants made artwork from recycled items, and exhibitions they held, in which all the artwork was produced from disused materials.

Other proponents of recycling he featured in his exhibition include Pop Boutique, based in Whitechapel - who sell clothing created from recycled fabrics; the Moocha Lounge - who serve hot drinks in cups made from renewable resources; Otterspool Household Waste Recycling Centre; and Valley Fields Environmental Services.

Focus on Recycling took place at the Liverpool Centre for Arts Development (LCAD) from 26 April to 11 June 2010.

Art Is For Everyone

Red Dot staged an art project for young disabled people during May/June 2010 at the Liverpool Centre for Arts Development (LCAD). Titled 'Art Is For Everyone', it consisted of six workshops, providing participants the opportunity to learn a basic introduction to visual art techniques. Subjects covered were animation, collage, mosaics, drawing, sculpture and jewellery.

An exhibition was then held featuring all the artwork created in the workshops running from Monday 17th May to Friday 21st May.

Colin Serjent in Biennial exhibition

Colin took part in a photography exhibition, titled 'School Of Photography', during the 2010 Liverpool Arts Biennial. He took part in a group show along with Jim Connolly and Frank Meaney.

It was held at the Merchant Taylor's Girls' School in Crosby, which has a dedicated space for exhibitions.

Nathan Pendlebury exhibition at Unity

Nathan, along with his dad Anthony, are staging a two-man exhibition, titled 'Little By Little', of small paintings, drawings and photographs at the Unity Theatre, based in Hope Place in Liverpool city centre. It ran until 3 April 2010.

Red Dot involved in 39 Thank You Art Day

Red Dot took part in this year's 39 (Thank You Art Day), which took place on 9th March 2010. The gift they offered was a Red Dot pen.

Serjent in Postcard exhibition 1/12/2009

Along with over sixty other visual artists, including Rolf Harris!, I exhibited at the 'Pre-paid 2009' exhibition, which took place at the Cornerstone Gallery, based in the Liverpool Hope University campus in Everton.
Following the success of last year's event they staged another exhibition and blind auction of small donated artworks on postcard by artists from Liverpool and beyond, the proceeds were donated to The Artists' Benevolent Institution.

Claire Stringer painted penguins

I have painted three penguins as part of the go penguins project. taking place in Liverpool, one of which is my own design, 'Together as One', which will be in Port Sunlight. There will also be two working with Primary School children in Dovecot, 'Altogether Now', with Blueberry Park and 'Diversity Now' with Mab Lane.

Alison's Exhibitions 1/12/2009

Dates for the dairy:
LOACA event - 5th Dec, Bluecoat, Liverpool
LOACA - 12th Dec, Bluecoat, Liverpool

Battleground for Sharon 26/11/2009

Sharon staged an exhibition of her work, titled 'Battleground' at The Lost Soul And Stranger Service (The Old Barber Shop!) situated by the gates to the Bluecoat Arts Centre on School Lane in Liverpool city centre.
It ran from 4 December till 18 December 2009.

Busy year for Wendy 26/11/2009

2009 was a busy and productive year. I was involved in Three SOUP exhibitions - at The Citadel, St. Helens, View Two and Novas CUC both in Liverpool. In other mixed shows - I exhibited my work in the Red Dot exhibition 'Waste into Art', Wirral Spring Exhibition, Williamson Art Gallery, 'Pink and Blue' at Novas, and the West Lancashire Open at the Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk. My work was chosen from Southport's Atkinson Art Gallery collection, for their recent exhibition 'A Modern View'.
Further afield, I was involved in the Coast Festival, in Aberdeenshire earlier in the year.
I am presently in the Editions Open exhibition.
The environment agency commissioned me to produce penguin a design based on waste materials. I created my penguin by knitting a skin out of discarded carrier bags. It will be on display at the Capital building, Old Hall St:
During 2010, I will be exhibiting at Metal, and at The Gallery Liverpool.

Red Dot at Liverpool 08 Place 1/9/2009

Three artists from Red Dot exhibited their work during the summer of 2009 at the 08 Place, Liverpool's Visitor Information Centre.
The show included abstract photography Colin Serjent, acrylic paintings by Jane Fairhurst and abstract expressionist photography by Jon Nash.

Exhibition of artwork created by special needs people

Red Dot staged an exhibition of artwork created by special needs people based throughout Merseyside. The work was produced following a week-long series of art-related workshops staged by Red Dot at the Liverpool Centre for Arts Development (LCAD).
They included an introduction to painting, photography, mosaics, drawing, animation, collage, sculpture and jewellery.
All the work made in the workshops was shown in the exhibition held from 15 July until 24 July 2009 at LCAD, based on Brownlow Hill.

The image is a collection of collages created by people attending Introduction To Collage workshop run by Kay Haskins.

Art workshops for physically and mentally disabled people

Red Dot staged a series of art-related training workshops during July specifically for special needs people.
Each workshop offered to those taking part an INTRODUCTION to eight different visual art techniques and were all FREE to attend.
The workshops took place at the Liverpool Centre for Arts Development (LCAD) in Liverpool city centre between Monday 6th July and Thursday 9th July.

The timetable of the workshops was:-
Mon 6 July, 10am – 1pm Introduction to making animation
Mon 6 July, 2pm – 5pm Making sculptures from recycled materials
Tues 7 July, 10am – 1pm Introduction to making jewellery
Tues 7 July, 2pm – 5pm Introduction to making mosaics
Wed 8 July, 10am – 1pm Introduction to making collage artwork
Wed 8 July, 2pm – 5pm Introduction to drawing
Thurs 9 July, 10am – 1pm Introduction to photography
Thurs 9 July, 2pm – 5pm Introduction to painting

Following the workshops all of the artwork produced were included in a two-week exhibiiton at LCAD.

Red Dot staged another Recycling Week

Following the success of the recycling week held by Red Dot in 2008 - the first ever held in Liverpool - they staged another one during August 2009.
The activities included a field trip to Bidston Materials Recovery Facility ( a leading household recycling centre); a poetry and music event, at which all poetry and music performed was on the theme of recycling; and a public debate titled 'Why Does Liverpool Have Such A Poor Track Record In Regard To Recycling?'

Abstract Way Exhibition

Colin Serjent from Red Dot staged an exhibition of his nature-based and urban-based abstract photography at the Unity Theatre in Liverpool during February 2009.
To view his work go to

Click for large version of the posterRed Dot show at major new art gallery

Red Dot staged their largest-ever exhibition, titled 'Migration', at the Contemporary Urban Centre, based in the Baltic Triangle district of Liverpool.
Artists from Red Dot interpreted through their artwork the many concepts and themes of migration.
The show ran from December 2008 to January 2009.
To read a review of the exhibition on the Nerve magazine website click here

Exhibitions by Red Dot Artists in 2009

Nathan Pendlebury, Susan Sharples, Louise Waller and Wendy Williams all had exhibitions in 2009.
Nathan Pendlebury at John Lewis Coffee Shop and the Egg Cafe.
Susan Sharples exhibition, 'State Of Change', with artist Ruth Ball at Norton Priory in Runcorn from 14th April - 14th June.
Louise Waller had a display of her new ceramics in the window space of Liverpool Community College Art Centre around Easter time, 2009.
Wendy Williams had an exhibition, 'Land', with photographer Ian Percival, at Norton Priory in Runcorn from 17th February to 12th April.

Red Dot Recycling Week 6/10/2008

Red Dot staged the first-ever Recycling Week to be held in Liverpool.
A high profile launch of it took place at St Luke's Church, known locally as the bombed out church (it was hit by an incendiary device in 1941), in Liverpool city centre on Friday 19 September.
Liverpool-based Urban Strawberry Lunch ran a workshop (12pm to 5pm), in which participants created musical instruments from waste materials and found objects.
Red Dot then ran further art-related recycling workshops at the Liverpool Centre for Arts Development (LCAD) which is based at Franceys Street (off Brownlow Hill) from 22-26 September.
There was also a field trip during the week to Gaskell's Waste Services Recycling Centre in Bootle to look at various processes of recycling.
For more information on the week click here

Red Dot artists in Biennial 6/10/2008

In An Ideal World Alice Lenkiewicz, along with fellow Red Dot members Barbara Jones, Richard Ashworth, Susan Sharples and Wendy Williams, were involved, among other artists, in a group show titled 'In An Ideal World' at St Bride's Church in Percy Street in Toxteth.
Wendy Williams: Tate / VIDA! / In the Dock / In an Ideal World / North by North West, Clayton Square / North by North West, Puschka Restaurant / North by North West, Coffee Union, Bold St.
Katriona Beales - Horsepower, at Metal's gallery space at Edge Hill station / Liverpool International Artists, Novas / Lost Soul and Stranger Service Station, Old Barbershop space at the Bluecoat.
Susan Sharples: Bridges Not Walls exhibition, the World Museum / Liverpool International Artists exhibition, Novas CUC / Drawn Here exhibition, Arena Gallery / In An Ideal World exhibition, St.Brides Church / Vida exhibition, The Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead / North by North West exhibition, Reception Room, Tate Liverpool / North by North West exhibition, Holy Trinity Church, Leeds / The Womb Project - Act1 The Enlightenment, The Blackie.
Sharon Mutch: Sharon exhibited in a group show at the Bluecoat Arts Centre. Titled 'The Lost Souls And Strange Service Station.'

Influx of artists join Red Dot 6/10/2008

Ten artists joined Red Dot during the summer of 2008. As well as Alison Bailey Smith, Christine O'Reily Wilson, Susan Sharples, Louise Waller, Wendy Williams, Eimear Kavanagh, Stephen Cain, Michelle Hird, two artists from Morocco, Hamid Bouhioui and Mustaph Meskine, also joined the group. They became aware of the work of Red Dot when they visited Liverpool to take part in the PAX (Planet Art Exchange) event, which was a collaboration between Arab artists and Liverpool artists.

Red Dot link up with Minnesota-based organisation 6/10/2008

Following the success of the Red Dot Recycling workshops - in which participants were taught how to turn waste materials and found objects into art - and the 'Rags To Riches' exhibition, staged at the International Gallery in Liverpool, in which all the artwork was created from waste materials and found objects, during 2007, they have linked up with ArtStart, who are based in Minnesota, which is located in the Midwestern region of the USA, and known as the 'Land of 10,000 Lakes'. Both Red Dot and ArtStart will exchange information and advice relating to recycling issues, particularly in relation to the art and culture sector.

Red Dot to work with Arab artists 6/10/2008

Red Dot have collaborated in producing new artwork with a number of Arab artists, from various Arabian countries, who visited Liverpool in July, to take part in an Arab contemporary art exhibition that was held in the city.
The exhibition, which included the newly produced work, formed a major strand of the Planet Art eXchange (PAX) event.
PAX is an annual event, that takes place in cities chosen as European Capitals of Culture.

Red Dot on German TV 6/10/2008

As part of a German television channel documentary on Liverpool being this year's European Capital of Culture, Red Dot formed part of the programme. A presenter from ADR (the equivalent to the BBC) interviewed Colin Serjent, a director of Red Dot, about his views of the so-called 'grassroots art scene'; in Liverpool and its relationship with the Liverpool Culture Company. The programme was screened at the beginning of January 2008.

Hearts And Minds - new Red Dot Exhibition 25/4/2008

Red Dot staged their biggest ever group exhibition, titled 'Hearts And Minds' at the Liverpool Academy of Arts, which featured work by over twenty of its members. The Academy, which is based in a former paint factory, is located on Seel Street in Liverpool city centre.
It included paintings - mainly abstract - abstract-oriented photography, mixed media work and installations.
As a tribute to former Red Dot member, painter and printmaker Peter Oakley, who died last April, it also featured examples of his work.
Hearts And Minds ran from 7th May until 23rd May. Mon-Fri 12pm - 4pm.

Experimenting With Art - Art Workshops

Red Dot member Jo Derbyshire ran a two-day workshop titled Experimenting With Art on 22/23 April at Liverpool Centre for Arts Development (LCAD), based on Franceys Street (off Brownlow Hill), Liverpool city centre.
The aim of the course was to explore painting, collage and experimentation to produce group or individual work with Liverpool and the city as a theme, using found objects, flyers, icons of Liverpool, etc.
Day One: Overview; group discussion; develop work
Day Two: Completion of work for an exhibition later in 2008 at LCAD.

New exhibition by Nathan Pendlebury

Red Dot member Nathan Pendlebury, along with Anthony Pendlebury, staged an exhibition of their work, titled 'As Is Now', at the Gostins Gallery, based in the Gostins Building on Hanover Street in Liverpool. The exhibition ran from 4 April until 10 May.

Exhibition by Claire Stringer

Red Dot member Claire Stringer, who has created many paintings inspired by music, has now produced a series of new paintings, this time inspired by another art form, namely dance. They go on show for the first time in an exhibition titled Momentum at the Unity Theatre in Liverpool. The show runs from 4 March until 12 April 2008. The Unity is located at 1 Hope Place in Liverpool city centre. Telephone 0151 709 4988.

Jane Fairhurst exhibition at Salford Quays

Red Dot member Jane Fairhurst stages a solo exhibition of her work with Comme Ca (a Manchester-based art agency) at the Lowry Hotel at Salford Quays. The show runs from 29 February until 8 April 2008. A private view will take place on Thursday 28 February 6pm - 8pm.

Visual Arts Festival

Red Dot staged a Visual Arts Festival in Liverpool over three days - at LCAD (Liverpool Centre for Arts Development and Training), based in Franceys Street off Brownlow Hill - on Tuesday 4th - Friday 7th March 2008. The festival included artist-led workshops, covering a number of practical demonstrations of visual arts, including painting, photography and other related art techniques. In addition there was a series of lectures and debates dealing with various art and culture issues. For more info click here

Lisa Ashcroft at Cornerstone

Lisa has a solo show at the Cornerstone Gallery at the Hope at Everton college building at Haigh Street in Liverpool. It runs from 1 December 2007 until 10 January 2008. A private view of her exhibition will take place on Friday 30 November 6pm - 8pm.
Please note: Lisa has two new images of her work in her artist profile section on this site.

Microscopic images by Barbara Jones

Barbara has devised a number of etchings, titled 'Microscopic Particles', which forms part of the 'An Extraordinary Journey' exhibition taking place at the Roald Dahl Centre and Linda McCartney Centre at the Liverpool Royal Hospital. It continues until 30 November 2007.

Calendars of photographs by Nathan Pendlebury

Nathan has two wall calendars available of a selection of his photography. These can be viewed at his website and can be bought for £9.99 each.

Art of Recycling 4/10/2007

In September Red Dot staged a series of workshops dealing with how to recycle waste materials and found objects into art work, for example, turning discarded bottles and other forms of glass into art; turning used crisp packets into art!; metal recycling; and paper and cardboard recycling.
The workshops took place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 26-28 September at LCAD (Liverpool Centre for Arts Development and Training) based at Franceys Street off Brownlow Hill.
Leading the workshops were Arthur Roberts (Loop Gallery), Beccy Williams (The Art Organisation), Sarah Nicholson (Kitchen Gallery), Jane Fairhurst (OK Studios), and Lesley Cunningham (Elcie-Mojo).

Red Dot Presentation in Chile 20/9/2007

Red Dot were asked to send a presentation package promoting the work of its artists to Chile, where it was displayed in the Presidential Palace at the end of October. A number of artists and arts organisations from various parts of the world also participated in the event. Museum MAN director Adam Nankervis, who has moved his gallery to Chile, after formerly being based in Liverpool, requested that Red Dot should take part.

New Red Dot Shows 28/7/2007

Red Dot staged an exhibition, titled Signpost, this summer at a new art venue hired by TAO (The Art Organisation). It was based on Henry Street, at the back of a building on Duke Street which housed the former offices of the Liverpool Big Issue. The show featured the work of a selection of their members. The private view of the exhibition took place on Thursday 30 August (7pm - 10pm). The show was open to the public from 1 September - 22 September.

Liverpool Turner Prize 26/4/2007

Three members of Red Dot, Barbara Jones, Jo Derbyshire and Colin Serjent, have been nominated for the inaugural Liverpool Turner Prize. A shortlist of four artists from the 44 nominated will be chosen by a panel of four judges.

Tribute to Peter Oakley 26/4/2007

We were very sad to hear about the death of Red Dot member Peter Oakley, who died in April. He was an exhibition painter and printmaker for over 50 years, but had also been responsible for numerous residencies, murals, illustrations, theatrical set and costume designs, and public artworks.
The stimulus for much of his work came from collections of objects, either personal or public, with which he surrounded himself.
Peter had his studio in Warrington, and a lot of his work was held in private and public collections throughout England.
As a tribute to Peter, Red Dot intend to display some of his work in the next exhibition we stage.

Capital of Culture Funding for Red Dot 30/3/2007

Red Dot have been awarded £3000 from the Innovation and Development Fund administered by Liverpool Capital of Culture. The money will be used to finance a visual arts festival staged by Red Dot (as mentioned on this page). An application has also been submitted to Awards for All to part fund the festival.

08 Businessconnect 12/3/2007

Red Dot, who are members of 08businessconnect, which is the Liverpool Capital of Culture business forum, have joined the their members Directory and Gallery. A number of Red Dot artists are featured, along with information about the role of Red Dot. Access, then click on 'Members Directory and Gallery' (right side of page). Type in Red Dot in Search For box and click on organisations on the same page. Then click on Red Dot Exhibitions on the following page. Hey Presto!

Red Dot at Cornerstone 16/2/2007

Three members of Red Dot, Michelle Burrows, Sue Milburn and Colin Serjent are included in a group exhibition taking place at The Cornerstone Gallery. Titled 'Loop: Overview 07', it comprises 30 plus abstract practitioners working in Liverpool. It runs from 23 February to 23 March. Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. The private view is on Thursday 22 February 6pm - 8pm. Cornerstone is situated at Liverpool Hope University, 1 Haigh Street, Liverpool L3 8QB. For further information contact exhibition curator Arthur Roberts: 07792 478 281.

Jane Fairhurst Exhibition 17/1/2007

The Blackburn exhibition is called 'Freefall', at the Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery, Museum Street, Blackburn, BB1 7AJ from 27th January to 10th March and the preview is 12-2pm on Sat 27th January.

Link with New York Gallery 10/1/07

Red Dot now have an on-line link with the Agora Gallery (, who are based in the Chelsea district of New York. Click on the Links and then the Dealers and Galleries section.
Red Dot directors Colin Serjent and Sue Milburn are also proposing to link up with the ARTisSpectrum magazine, which is published by Agora, with the aim of having various artists from Red Dot profiled in the magazine.

Red Dot Liverpool Biennial Exhibitions

Red Dot staged during the 2006 Liverpool Arts Biennial an exhibition of paintings, photography and installations at the art space at 52 Roscoe Street in Liverpool city centre. It formed part of the Independents strand of the Biennial.
Artists featured were Michelle Burrows, Claire Chambers, Jane Fairhurst, Nicola Fitzsimmons, Leon Jakeman, Sue Milburn, Jon Nash, John O'Neill, Colin Serjent and Claire Stringer.
Milburn and Serjent, who both run Red Dot, had earlier, during the Biennial, been involved in a joint exhibition of new abstract photography, titled Artisers, at the Almiro Gallery in Waterloo, Merseyside. Milburn also included a selection of her abstract expressionist paintings. This exhibition also formed part of the Independents strand. Serjent's new work is featured on his website


Prior to the Biennial Serjent and Milburn had an exhibition 'Shadowtime' at the Ikonography Gallery in Mathew Street in Liverpool. It was a retrospective show of their photography work over the past seven years.

Sharon Mutch at 60 Hope Street

Red Dot member Sharon Mutch has an exhibition of her photography at the 60 Hope Street Restuarant. The closing date has to be confirmed.

Claire Stringer at Unity

Red Dot member Claire Stringer has an exhibition of her work, which deals with the relationship between abstract qualities in music and art, at the Unity Theatre. It runs from 20 March - 28 April 2007. The private view is on Thursday 22 March starting at 5.30pm.

Claire Stringer Solo Exhibition 31/8/06

Blackburne House, 5th - 30th September.
Private View on Wednesday 6th September from 6pm - 8pm.

Funded By Feeling 31/8/06
A selection of work from the last two years by Leon Jakeman, presented by Headspace at the Egg Space Gallery, 16-18 Newington, L1 4ED.
31 August - 15 September.

Lisa Ashcroft Exhibitions

The first is titled Peepshow Morality Kick, at The PAD Gallery, Church Street, Preston till 3rd September (sculpture, prints and jewellery).
The second, Eye Candy, is at the Kitchen Gallery, Halton from Sept 4th - end date TBC.

Michelle Burrows Exhibition

Pickering Pastures, Nature Reserve, Mersey Road, Ditton, Widnes.
Sat August 26th - Mon August 28th, 9am-5pm. Admission free.

Pride of Liverpool

Serjent and Milburn were involved in a group exhibition 'Pride of Liverpool', which celebrated the launch - sadly short term, it has since closed! - of the Met Art Gallery, which was based off Castle Street in Liverpool.

Open Art Exhibition for Contemporary Artists

Red Dot member Lisa Ashcroft won first prize in the Kitchen Gallery's first Open Art Exhibition for Contemporary Artists in the North West of England. Read more

Chelsea Flower Show

Janette Ireland, another Red Dot member, recently exhibited pebble art at the Chelsea Flower Show.