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Pui Lee

Artist Statement:

Pui Lee is a practising artist, who works using an interdisciplinary approach, including: sculptural installation, video, drawing & printmaking. She has had considerable success to date having exhibited both nationally and internationally too.

The artist’s work often stems from autobiographical motivations and deals with ideas of space and scale; in particularly an emotive space. Pui is interested in ideas of phenomenal reality and notions of existence. Recurrent themes include the interplay between presence and absence as well as the concept of the boundary and the theatrical.

Outside of the studio, Pui is also a dedicated martial artist training regularly in taekwon-do, kickboxing and more recently, karate as well. She readily involves herself in community arts and has recently begun to explore the possibilities of public art within her practice.

Website: (still under construction)


Tel: 07970 785 030

Little Girl Lost III
It's That Time III
When Your Dreams Come To Greet You III
Human Landscape (2004)Chalk and charcoal drawing