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Victoria Hepworth


Victoria explores the process of painting through the use of paint in various textures and colours.
The process of painting is what interests her primarily, losing all inhibitions, accidental spilling and dripping the paint, the amount of paint and the colour used can be controlled, unexpected marks being created, and learning how to apply and reapply. The accidental dripping paint creates diverse, extraordinary and attractive lines and shapes, that together with the textures create a variety of compositions of landscapes, seascapes and waterscapes.
Victoria produces paintings that could be interpreted as abstract art that chooses to express herself throiugh the paint using various texture and mark making, adding and removing sections of each painting and enhancing each texture with each mark made.
The mediums used in her paintings are acrylics with acylics mediums, watercolours, gouache and inks - the mediums are flexible in mixing and applying in layers. Her intenton is to allow the paint to be informal and vulnerable - this could be interpreted as many kinds of art from Abstract, Expressionistic to Defective art.
Throughout Victoria's paintings she has researched the artist Hans Hoffman. In his work he has communication between recognisable image and the abstract shape, usingf spontaniety and control.


April/May 2007 - Almiro Gallery, Waterloo, Merseyside -Solo show featuring 33 abstract paintings.
Almiro Gallery, Waterloo, Merseyside - her work included in 'January Showcase 2007'
November 2006 - Grizedale Salon - her work included in 'The Cumbria network and Merseyside artist Liverpool Biennial salon show' @ A-Foundation, Greenland Street, Liverpool.

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